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Popcorn Fundraisers Are Profitable & Fun

Kids love fundraising popcorn and if you're raising funds, that's a good thing. Popcorn fundraisers are great moneymakers because sellers are always enthusiastic about a product they like and customers love buying this healthy snack treat for their children.


And of course, what adult doesn't like a little popcorn for themselves from time to time?

Parents interested in healthier snacks will love the fact that your fundraiser popcornhealthy benefits vs. potato chips. Kids will love the choices: Buttery Caramel, Gourmet Cheesy Cheddar, Gourmet White Cheddar, Nutty Caramel, Cheddar Jalapeno and Montreal Style.


Popcorn Fundraiser Tips

One of the best ways to raise more funds is to expand your sales beyond family, friends, and neighbors. And how do you do that? By going to where people are already out spending money!

Setting up a sales table outside a high-traffic retail location such as a grocery store, drug store or mass merchant like Wal-Mart or Kmart is a great way to reach a whole new audience.

Get permission ahead of time from the store manager. send us the contact information and store location and we will take care of the rest Weekends are the best time,

 Use large signs to let people know who you are, what you are doing, and why you are raising funds. Example: Elementary school Trip  Popcorn Fundraiser; Help Us Get To The Regionals!

The signs will pre-sell those who are inclined to help, allowing you to talk to interested prospect, not pester everyone who walks by.



Fundraising Benefits

  • NO MONEY UP FRONT – Choose any of our brochure sales and you do not pay for anything until the completion of your sale. Simply choose your brochure, collect the money as you take orders, pay only for the product ordered and you keep the profit.


  • AVAILABLE ANY TIME OF THE YEAR - We have a fundraising program that is perfect for any season- Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring. We are a year aroundfundraising company and will find a program that is perfect for your organization.


  • FREE SHIPPING – We ship orders all over the Greater Montreal aria and shipping is always free as long as you meet our low minimums. we have low minimums of 50 -100 items for free shipping.


  • INCENTIVE PROGRAMS - Our incentive programs are designed to motivate students to participate in the schools fundraiser. We offer cumulative prize programs, cash back incentive, DJ partys, inflatable parties and much more. Ask your representative for more details.


  • ONLINE ORDERING - We offer online ordering for all of your out-of-town customers. Your organization gets the profit, your students earn credit for the sales and there is no work on your part. The items are shipped directly to the customer (hassle free).


  • PACKING OPTIONS - We offer different packing options depending on the brochure selection and the needs of your organization. Pre-packaged per student orders are available in most cases. If you have a group of volunteers you can take your order bulk,but it will still be picked to the piece to avoid any left overs.

Why Choose

As a family-owned and operated business, we manufacture all our popcorn and ship it to you direct from our warehouse, thereby cutting out the cost of the middleman. Because of this, we are able to offer not only the highest profits available, but also several personalized services that you will not find when ordering through our competitors. In addition to all of this, when you book a fundraiser with you’ll enjoy the ease and satisfaction of working with our staff of friendly and knowledgeable sales coordinators.


Fundraising Shipping & Deliveries takes pride in our on-time and on schedule delivery record.  Our friendly drivers deliver all of our orders with our own trucks in certain states and areas.


We deliver the order directly from our factory to your location, unload the product and set it up inside your facility.  Our helpful drivers make sure everything is set up, checked in, and ready for distribution before they leave.  There are no delivery charges if you meet our low minimums. Ask our friendly customer service operators for more details.


If you are outside our normal delivery area we ship the order on a common carrier on a pre-determined day within a 4 hour window.  A courtesy call will be placed first thing in the morning to make sure everything is on track and provide a narrower window of time. Our shipping is always free if you meet our low minimums. If you have any questions talk to our friendly customer service representatives for details


Packing Options

Porpcorn-Mania. com offers two types of packaging, Student/ Pre-pack and Bulk packaging.


Student Packing

 Student Pack is available to groups with over 50 participants and is the simplest way of distributing orders.  We require the order forms be sent to Porpcorn-Mania. com by some form of trackable mail. E.g.: UPS, Fed EX or priority.  We add up the orders, create a spreadsheet for your records and pack each order per student in alphabetical order.  Your volunteers simply set up the fundraiser order in numerical order to correspond to the spreadsheet.


Bulk Packing

 Bulk orders are available to any size group.  You simply add up the orders, call, fax or email the totals to Porpcorn-Mania. com and we complete your order.  We make the distribution easy even with a bulk order. All of our boxes are color coded with packaging tape so you can see the different products at a glance. Call any of our helpful customer service operators or ask your sales representative for more information.